About Us

Northern Medical Centre is an, GPA accredited general practice that opened in April 2015. Our location at Salisbury South makes us ideal for those who live or work in Salisbury South and surrounding areas, including Salisbury, Brahma Lodge, Salisbury East, Para Hills West, Parafield, Parafield Gardens, Salisbury Downs, and Salisbury. Our Medical Centre is a Bulk-Billing practice, and offers bulk-billing to all valid Medicare card holders which means no out-of-pocket fees for most general consultations. Work cover is also a core aspect of medicine and as such Work Partners is an integral part of Northern Medical Centre.

The Medical Centre, currently hosts 2 GPs. Each staff member is highly trained in their field and is able to provide care and comfort, tailored to the patient’s needs. A registered nurse is also available for the patient to discuss care plans and other health needs. By providing a range of health care providers, the Medical Centre is able to ensure that a wide range of specialties is covered to better care for the patient. Both GPs are able to assist with any work cover issues through Work Partners.

Our experienced doctors have the skills and knowledge to manage your medical needs ranging from acute illnesses or injuries to preventative health and complex chronic medical conditions. In addition to doctors we now offer a Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Counselor, Dietitian and a Psychologist – all of whom will be there to serve your health needs. In addition to our allied health we also cover the work cover spectrum through Work Partners.

Non-attendance fees of $30 is applicable for failure to attend an appointment.

Northern Medical Centre is located in Salisbury South at 1/1568 along Main North Road. We are situated next to ‘Century 21’ and in front of the ‘Lodge Hotel’ at the junction of Frost road. The easy access via Main North Road allows for quick entry into the Medical Centre and provides high visibility. Public Transport is also easily accessible, with bus routes such as 228F, 225F, 225M and 225X all within walking distance from Northern Medical Centre.
Our building is a corner building, and is part of a trio. We also have a large bright board to signify the practice. It comes with a shared and secure car park area with handicapped slots also available.

Work cover is also provided in this building through Work Partners.

Patients have the option of parking either in the parking spaces directly in front of Northern Medical Centre or in the ‘Lodge Hotel’ directly in front. Both areas have multiple handicapped slots available to ensure a high standard of accessibility. These areas are well lit and under watch from security cameras. Please ensure that you abide to the set parking guidelines set down by the Council and the Medical Centre to avoid parking fines.

Work cover is also provided in this building through Work Partners.

Northern Medical Centre features a warm and friendly atmosphere in a modern setting. Our recently renovated rooms accommodate a more spacious design. The waiting room is open-planned, and feature a vast range of information brochures and magazines as well as children’s books and toys to keep even the younger patients entertained. Also featured in the waiting area is a patient information section, containing a huge catalog of pamphlets which include information and tips for the patients on a range of topics. These are monitored and frequently being changed and updated when required. We also have a large noticeboard board to alert waiting patients of upcoming changes or general tips. The doctor’s room feature a spacious design, and a curtained area for privacy.

Work cover is also provided in this building through Work Partners.

Northern Medical Centre has always been open to new patients, with minimal waiting times. To book an appointment please ring the receptionist or visit the Medical Centre directly. Alternatively, a booking can be made on Hot Doc.

The friendly reception team can also organize and help follow up on any work cover appointments for Work Partners.

Each appointment slot is 10 minutes. If you require a longer appointment, (for detailed medical check-ups, excisions, personal issues or multiple problems) a double appointment is offered. Please check with the receptionist who will happily provide you with one.
In the unfortunate case that a doctor is running late, your appointment may be affected (in the form of a delay.) We apologise in advance if this were to occur. An emergency, technical malfunction or calls from nursing homes needing an immediate response can all be the cause of this delay

If you are not able to come to your appointment, please provide us with a notice as early as possible so that your cancelled appointment slot can be given to others or changed. As of 1st June 2018, Northern Medical Centre reserves the right to charge a non-attendance fee of $30 to patients that do not cancel that unwanted appointment, at least 1 hour prior to the consultation time. This fee will apply to all patients 18 years and over.

All medical records and information is kept confidential, and not disclosed without the patient’s written consent. This is done with all patients. This is also the same for our work cover service through Work Partners.

Our practice is constantly checked to ensure that our level of patient care is kept to the best possible level. We must comply with a stringent set of RACGP standards and we are independently judged to confirm these standards are met.
We are also open to patient feedback, to further guarantee that our level of patient care is high. So any feedback provided is appreciated by the receptionist and will be taken into consideration. Feedback regarding our work cover service, Work Partners can also be passed onto our friendly reception staff.

Northern Medical Centre works closely with Clinical Labs, who conduct the blood tests and pathology tests for the Medical Centre. For more inquires, please contact the receptionist or visit the Clinical Labs website.


We are open WEEKDAYS from 9am-5pm