Frequently Asked Questions

Northern Medical Centre is located in Salisbury South at 1/1568 along Main North Road. We are situated next to ‘Century 21’ and in front of the ‘Lodge Hotel’ at the junction of Frost road. The easy access via Main North Road allows for quick entry into the Medical Centre and provides high visibility. Public Transport is also easily accessible, with bus routes such as 228F, 225F, 225M and 225X all within walking distance from Northern Medical Centre. Our building is a corner building, and is part of a trio. We also have a large bright board to signify the practice. It comes with a shared and secure car park area with handicapped slots also available.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to sustain 100% bulk billing due to inflation and the amount set by the Government does not cover the cost of providing a high-quality medical service. The costs of running an accredited medical practice, such as ours, continue to rise, and Medicare rebates have not kept pace. We have had to make the difficult decision that offering fully bulk-billed service is no longer viable. The Government currently pays approximately 54% less than the recommended Australian Medical Association fees for a consultation less than 20 minutes and froze the rebate for the last few years. This meant there was no increase in income for this period of time despite increases in wages, rental expenses, equipment and consumables, etc. We value our doctors and think they are worth more than the low level rebates the Government is prepared to pay for their service. We want to attract and maintain the very best General Practitioners and continue maintaining a high-quality service.

Access to healthcare is our top priority. Therefore, certain patients will continue to be bulk-billed. these include.

  • All our regular patients  
  • All Covid vaccines
  • Flu Vaccine appointments will be bulk billed, vaccine itself will incur a fee for those patients that are not eligible for government vaccine program after 30th June 2022.

Our location at Salisbury South make us ideal for those who live or work in Salisbury South and surrounding areas, including Brahma Lodge, Salisbury East, Para Hills West, Parafield, Parafield Gardens, Salisbury Downs, and Salisbury.

Patients have the option of parking either in the parking spaces directly in front of Northern Medical Centre or in the ‘Lodge Hotel’ directly in front. Both areas have multiple handicapped slots available to ensure a high standard of accessibility. These areas are well lit and under watch from security cameras. Please ensure that you abide to the set parking guidelines set down by the Council and the Medical Centre to avoid parking fines.

Northern Medical Centre has always been open to new patients, with minimal waiting times. To book an appointment please ring the receptionist or visit the Medical Centre directly. Alternatively, a booking can be made on Hot Doc.

Northern Medical Centre features a warm and friendly atmosphere in a modern setting. Our recently renovated rooms accommodate a more spacious design. The waiting room is open-planned, and feature a vast range of information brochures and magazines as well as children’s books and toys to keep even the younger patients entertained. Also featured in the waiting area is a patient information section, containing a huge catalog of pamphlets which include information and tips for the patients on a range of topics. These are monitored and frequently being changed and updated when required. We also have a large noticeboard board to alert waiting patients of upcoming changes or general tips. The doctor’s room feature a spacious design, and a curtained area for privacy.

All test results handled by Northern Medical Centre will be kept confidential at all times. No test results will be given via phone due to confidentiality reasons. When test results arrive at the Medical Centre, the patient will be immediately contacted and the results will be examined by the doctor. We apologise in advance, if there are to be any delays regarding your results.

In case of a serious medical emergency, the patient is recommended to call an ambulance on 000 OR go directly to the Emergency Department in the nearest hospital. If any serious medical emergencies are brought to Northern Medical Centre, they will be directed to the closest hospital.

Emergency telephone calls to Northern Medical Centre will be given immediately to the doctor, however a telephone consultation is unavailable.

Northern Medical Centre is open to walk-in patients however waiting times may occur. Northern Medical Centre strongly recommends that all patients book in advance to avoid delays and overlaps in consultations. Northern Medical Centre is open to walk-in patients however waiting times may occur.

If an appointment needs to be cancelled, or if you are running late please let the receptionist know prior to your appointment time, to allow other patients to be seen. A Did-Not-Attend fee may be charged if you do not attend the appointment without a prior cancellation.

A standard appointment is 10 minutes long. For cases where the patient is dealing with complex concerns or multiple conditions a double appointment is recommended.

Although our doctors aim to keep to keep to schedule, it is not always possible. Some patients unexpectedly take longer for reasons beyond both the doctor and patient control (eg- patient receiving bad news, medical emergency occurs whilst the patient is in the consultation etc.)

Any feedback is highly appreciated by Northern Medical Centre. To provide feedback, please contact our receptionist through the numbers mentioned on the contact page, or visit the Medical Centre directly. Alternatively, you can contact them through the contact email address provided.

Northern Medical Centre works closely with Australian Clinical Labs to provide blood and pathology tests. All results and test will be handled by the Australian Clinical Labs team. For more information please visit the Australian Clinical Labs website.

Australian Clinical Labs hours may vary to Northern Medical Centres hours, please contact the clinic if you require further information.

Patients of all ages are welcome at Northern Medical Centre. Doctors can even treat patients in nursing homes. To book an appointment, please contact the receptionist.

For any other enquires, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly receptionists through the numbers provided on the contact page, or visit the Medical Centre directly.

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    From 1st June 2022, Northern Medical Centre has become a Mixed Billing Practice for NEW Patients. and from 1st July 2022 for all except our regular patients. Our fees reflect the time taken and the degree of complexity of each consultation. Private fees are required to be paid on the day of consultation. EFTPOS facilities are available for your convenience. We can assist you with your Medicare Rebate.

    This will not apply to our regular patients. We will currently continue to bulk bill our regular patients. This will be at the doctor’s discretion