A Health Assessment is vital in preventing & detecting early disease factors. To achieve your optimal healthy lifestyle, an examination and investigations are required to gather an overall health assessment plan.

The following categories of a health assessment include:

The Healthy Kid Check at age 4 when they receive there 4 year old immunisation.
People aged 40-49 years to evaluate the risk factors in developing type 2 Diabetes
A health assessment for 45-49 years of age to prevent / detect early disease factors
Health assessment for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders age between 15 to 54
A health assessment for people 75 years & older to assist in providing a safe home environment.
A comprehensive medical assessment for permanent residents of residential age care facilities
A health assessment for people with an intellectual disability & refugees cursus.

We do work injury claims (Workcover) and motor vehicle (MVA) claims. Work place immunisations and pre-employment medical. 

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